Book your daily tennis lesson in Daily lesson clinic
of Ilirija Tennis Academy (ITA)

At ITA you choose from a variety of daily tennis lesson clinics & lesson programs for children, adults of all ages & skill levels. Our professional clinics and private lessons give you the best tennis training in the Biograd-Zadar area. Every day! 

Instructional clinics are offered daily for tennis devotees of all levels - from beginners to advanced players - and are focused on several aspects of tennis including net play, groundstrokes and serves. Private and semi-private tennis lessons and sessions for all levels from beginner to juniors and families are also available.

We can offer you our Match Program

Match play in the match, but need to come to the tactical level, the problem with the mental game, which is a program for players that are difficult to establish. The match program consists of 4 people in the program as well as tactical and mental teachings, you will find an opportunity to learn the rules of tennis games.

Price (1 Hour incl. court):

1 Person - 43 euro
2 Person - 22 euro each
3 Person - 16 euro each
4 Person - 14 euro each
5 person - 12 euro each
6 person - 10 euro each